D & R has been providing our products and services to numerous companies in a variety of industries. Continue below for additional information on our work in each sector.

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We have provided our services to the transit industry since 1993, and in that time have built an unmatched resume for our work with the various railcar manufacturers, transit agencies and equipment suppliers. For the transit industry we specialize in:
• Operation, Maintenance, and Parts Manuals, including electronic manuals
• Training Material development and conduct, including CBT / eLearning media

Our equipment experience includes entire vehicles to subsystems and individual components.
• Light Rail Vehicles
• Heavy Rail Vehicles
• Subway Cars
• Locomotives
• People Movers
• Subsystems
• Equipment

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D & R began operations in 1990 as a 100% dedicated military / defense supplier, performing Product Support Analyses (PSA) in support of various military programs. Since that time, we have continued to support our military customers across a wide range of DoD programs, end customers, and equipment types. Our involvement begins at initial proposal activity for supportability related activity and CDRLs, including manuals, training, RCM, LORA, spares provisioning and more. Our involvement extends through the project life cycle, from development and test through production and fielding. Supportability activity includes initial Support Plans, Guidance Conferences, Supportability IPTs, Spares Conferences, Validations and Verifications, and NET and IKPT training events.

The market we serve for military projects ranges from small and mid-sized equipment suppliers without the staff and resources necessary to properly address the supportability requirements, to larger companies needing some specialized support (RCM, Provisioning, etc.).

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Our experience in the commercial sector includes supporting equipment as diverse as automotive transmissions, rotary and fixed wing aircraft, electronic test equipment, postal sorting equipment and many others. In the commercial sector, our services typically focus on development of operation, maintenance and parts manuals. The diverse and collective experience of our development team adapts to the equipment under analysis and the products needed by our customers.