3D Simulations

D & R has combined our modeling expertise with desktop simulation technology to provide our customers with state of the art products to enhance training and job performance. We developed our Digital Graphics Laboratory (DGL) engine to more effectively use the models to produce high-fidelity, interactive simulations of systems and equipments. Using our DGL engine, we have developed troubleshooting simulations that enable operators and maintainers of complex equipment to recognize, diagnose, and repair malfunctions while working within and around a virtual model of the subject system. These products can be used to support training prior to the job and enhance performance while on the job.

  • Eliminate or reduce costly training equipment 
  • Significantly reduce training time 
  • Simulate a multitude of fault conditions

A principal benefit of these simulations is the significant reduction or elimination of actual equipment being required for training. Used in a training environment, the simulations also significantly reduce overall training time by allowing students simultaneous, independent interaction with the simulation. Students learn in a simulated environment that accurately depicts the actual equipment, how it operates normally, and in a multitude of fault conditions.

Our modelers and training designers work with the simulation group to design simulations whose content and features are based on training analyses ensuring that learning objectives are met, and appropriate knowledge and skills developed to effectively operate and maintain the system.

  • Stand-alone mode 
  • Networked applications 
  • Various levels of student tracking & reporting

Depending on customer requirements, we can design the simulations to run in a stand-alone mode for individual students or in a network allowing an instructor to monitor student actions and accomplishments in real-time. Various levels of student tracking and reporting can be included in order to evaluate and provide feedback to the student.